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Hyperbranched Polyamine Charring Agent (HPCA)

  • Moisture: 0.5% Max
  • Bulk Density: 200-400kg/M3
  • Tga 1% Weight Loss: 300deg C Min
  • Trademark: SW
  • Transport Package: 20kgs Net Bag or 600/1200kg Jumbo Bag
  • Specification: 99%
  • Origin: China
  • Color: White
  • Appearance: Powder
  • Product Name: Hyperbranched Polyamine Charring Agent
  • Synonyms: Hpca
  • Assay: 99%
  • Nitrogen Content: 23.0-24.0
Hyperbranched Polyamine Charring Agent (HPCA)

Hyperbranched polyamine charring agent (HPCA)


SWC-100 is a kind of hyperbranched polymerized nitrogen-based charring agent which has high hydrolysis resistance, thermal stability and chemical stability due to its special molecular structure.

It can be combined with flame retardant system such as ammonium polyphosphate (APP), melamine cyanurate (MCA), aluminum hypophosphite and organic hypophosphite. By improving the stability and densification of the carbon layer in the combustion process to achieve the inhibition of combustion and melt droplets behavior, improve the flame retardant properties of polymer materials.
It's mainly used in polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, polymethyl methacrylate and other carbon-poor polymer materials in the field of polymer materials.

For different materials and flame retardant system, the recommended addition ratio is different: 1) such as polypropylene composite materialwith acid source (such as ammonium polyphosphate) complex into a halogen-free intumescent flame retardant (ratio of 3: 1) The total adding amountis 25%, flame retardant up to LIO> 30, UL94- V0 level effect; 2) such as polyethylene composite materialwith acid source (such as ammonium polyphosphate) complex into a halogen-free intumescent flame retardant (ratio of 2 : 1), the totaladding amount is 30%, flame retardant up to LIO> 30, UL94- V0 level effect.

Quality Index

Nitrogen Content, % Moisture, % Bulk Density, kg/m3 Particle Size, % TGA 1% weight loss),ºC
99.0 min White fine power 23.0-24.0 0.5 200-400 D9835um

Advantage and Application:
The product has the advantages of good dispersibility, good thermal stability, non-toxic, carbon-forming efficiency and high flame-retardant efficiency. It is widely used in flame-retardant products such as thermoplastics and thermosetting rubber, fiber and textile products with poor carbon Polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, natural rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, butadiene rubber and other polymer composite materials, flame retardant. Normally,recommendation is using of complex, with ammonium polyphosphate, melamine polyphosphate, melamine cyanuric acid and other flame retardants used in combination, the effect is better.

Hyperbranched Polyamine Charring Agent (HPCA)Hyperbranched Polyamine Charring Agent (HPCA)Hyperbranched Polyamine Charring Agent (HPCA)Hyperbranched Polyamine Charring Agent (HPCA)
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: May I get one sample before placing order?

Re: Yes, Sample are available. For normal products, samples are for free and you just need to bear the freight;

For those high value products, you just need to freight and certain product cost. When we both cooperate for

some times or when you are our VIP customer, free sample will be offered when you need.

Q2: Which payment is available for your company?
Re: T/T, L/C. You can choose the one which is convenient for you.

Q3: How and when can I get my goods after payment?
Re: For small quantity products, they will be delivered to you by international courier(DHL, FedEx, TNT etc.)

or by air. Usually it will cost 3-5days that you can get the goods after delivery.For large quantity products,

shipping by see is worthwhile.It will cost days to weeks to come to your destination port, which depends on

where the port is.

Q4: Is there any possible to use my appointed label or package?
Re: Yes. If needed, we'd like to use label or package according to your requirement.

Q5: How can you guarantee the goods you offer is qualified?
Re: We always believe honesty and responsibility are basis of one company, so whatever products we provide

for you all are qualified. We will have goods tested and provide COA before delivery for sure.


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