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Adhering to the correct and rigorous way of doing things, abiding by every promise, and constantly creating value for customers are the foundation of Sanmei chemical's foothold and the enterprise spirit we adhere to.

The company was founded in 2006. After more than ten years of development and accumulation, our main products involve electronics and new materials chemicals, / pesticide raw materials and intermediates, plastic additives and processing aids, water treatment products and fungicides, ink and printing chemicals and many other fields. Our customers are all over the world, including LG, Janssen, Agfa, Such a world-class company.

Professional, honest and hardworking, let us win more and more customers and development space. We are looking forward to the same excellent you to join us, work hard with us to create a better future!

 The most vigorous and dynamic professional foreign trade team
Perfect promotion channel
Perfect vocational training system: new recruits enjoy the transmission, help and guidance of experienced experts; the company also provides a variety of internal and external learning and training opportunities
Perfect salary and income distribution system. Business system salary system is very attractive, especially suitable for people who dare to fight, have ideals and dare to challenge high salary
Perfect and humanized employee welfare system (afternoon tea / dinner + Lunch subsidy + Festival subsidy + birthday gift + high temperature subsidy + five insurances and one fund (paid as it is) + annual check-up + paid annual leave + annual tourism / group building + beautiful and comfortable office environment)
Deep corporate culture, good team atmosphere
Opportunities for salesmen to attend exhibitions abroad and visit customers
Perfect and competitive B2B sales platform of international station (Alibaba gold member + five star shop, made in China diamond member, lookchem, molbase, etc.)
  • Foreign trade salesman
    Job description:
    1. Inquire about the products and understand the relevant market;
    2. Develop customers independently and realize foreign trade sales. Responsible for the coordination with customers and factories, and grasp the business transactions;
    3. Assist project manager to extend service content, develop new market and new business.

    Job requirements:
    1. Majored in chemical industry, international trade or English, with more than 3 years of experience in chemical industry and foreign trade, with experience in independent development and follow-up of customers
    2. CET-6 or above, fluent in listening, speaking, translating and writing, able to communicate with foreign customers smoothly
    3. Hardworking, dare to challenge themselves, dare to challenge high salary; good communication skills; good team spirit; willing to travel
    4. Be able to independently use the network, social media, exhibition and other resources to develop foreign customers
    5. Have the ability and enthusiasm of continuous learning

    Salary structure: basic salary + commission + other rewards
  • Shipping operator / documenter
    Job description:
    1. Arrange shipping space, make customs declaration documents and negotiation documents, and purchase cargo insurance
    2. Freight forwarding development, inquiry
    3. Handle commodity inspection, certificate of origin, annual customs inspection and port record
    4. Purchase SINOSURE according to the order

    Job requirements:
    1. College degree or above, CET-4 or above; familiar with import and export declaration process and document requirements
    2. More than 3 years working experience in freight forwarding company or foreign trade company
    3. Be familiar with chemical products and all kinds of goods packaging (such as ISO tank, IBC, Flexi tank / bag, wooden case, barrel, bag, carton, etc.) and the operation requirements of packing
    4. Customs broker certificate and related customs broker working experience is preferred
    5. Familiar with Hazardous Chemical operators is preferred

    Salary structure: basic salary + year-end salary + year-end bonus
  • Foreign trade merchandiser
    Job description:
    1. Complete the production of procurement, sales contract, proforma invoice and other contract documents, as well as internal contract review, tracking and distribution documents on ERP platform
    2. Follow up the factory to sign back the purchase contract, and file the contract and customer order as required
    3. Payment application under the contract, collection of factory invoice and handover with finance
    4. Prepare the packing supervision instruction, make the shipping mark, etc
    5. Factory arrival / inspection tracking; if necessary, personally inspect the goods
    6. Sample receiving and sending, sample registration and storage, sampling, photo taking, etc
    7. Contract statistics, summary and other work required by the company

    Job requirements:
    1. College degree or above, CET 4 or above
    2. Familiar with the work flow of Foreign Trade Merchandising, more than 3 years working experience in chemical industry or foreign trade company
    3. Be careful, organized and responsible
    4. Hazardous chemicals operation experience is preferred

    Salary structure: basic salary + year-end salary + year-end bonus

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