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We teamed up with academic research institutions and producers specialized in their own chemical process to enable R&D for new molecules and optimizing synthesis route. This cooperation enhances SunwiseChem overall competence by providing customers innovative technology and value added services.

SunwiseChem’s R&D team provides services including:
◇ Testing and analysis 
◇ Custom synthesis and production 
◇ Process optimization and technical consultancy

Among which, we’re specialized in process:
◇ Fluorination
◇ Hydrogenation
◇ Cross-coupling reaction

◇ Chiral Reaction

◇ Micro-channel Reaction


We serve world frontier leaders in pharmaceutical industry and electronic chemicals where new molecules and more environmental friendly materials are continuously needed.

For more information about R&D and custom synthesis services, please send us an email at sales@sunwisechem.com