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Hexahydro-1,3,5-tris(hydroxyethyl)-s-triazine CAS 4719-04-4

  • 225-208-0

  • MEA Triazine

  • UN2810 Class6.1

  • 20mts for IBC






Colorless to light yellow clear liquid

Active content


Refractive index at 20°C


Density at 20°C


pH (0.1% in water)



It is suitable for emulsion, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic metal working fluids. Coating, paper, adhesives, etcs.

It is used in a humid environment for protecting against mold and bacteria.

1. Preservation of industrial technology products:

Such as metalworking fluids, metal surface treatments in the electroplating industry, binders, industrial additives, polymer dispersants and lubricants.

2. Paper making Industry:

Instructions: It can be used in the mixing tank, the slurry pool, the high overflow box, the thickener and the white pool in front of the pulp machine. It can reduce fiber degradation and increase paper strength. Depending on the process, continuous drip or impact dosing can be used.

3. Oil Field Industry:

MEA Triazine is mostly applied as a hydrogen sulfide scavenger.

When used as a hydrogen sulfide scavenger, MEA Triazine primarily eliminates the H2S produced by exploiting oil and gas. As a result, we are ensuring the actual health of the manufacturing industry and lowering the H2S corrosion to equipment.

This Actane equivalent has the advantages below within a low H2S situation by adding into the desulfuration process.

The advantages include convenient operation, affordable cost, and much less operation area.

MEA Triazine is ideal for offshore and onshore oilfields with a stricter requirement in space and investment.

Being an anti-mildew agent, MEA Triazine is definitely the main ingredient of Actane. This MEA Triazine is widely used in metal processing (cutting and grinding fluid), papermaking (paper coating), painting and coating, electroplating, and leather (lustering agent).


1 high efficiency, broad spectrum, with the dual role of inhibition and sterilization.

2 The compatibility is good, it does not affect the physical properties such as the color and strength of the paper, and it has no corrosion to the equipment.

3 It is effective in a large pH range and can maintain long-term stable activity.

4 The amount of addition is small, the effect is fast, and the bactericidal power is strong.

5 It is an environmentally friendly “green product”.

Packing and Storage

Packing In 200kgs net plastic drum or 1000kg net IBC.

Storage   Keep tightly closed.

Safety Information

UN2810 Class6.1


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