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Power restriction became “cut-off”, chemical raw materials continue to rise sharply

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In 2021, the energy consumption and emission reduction target task has been issued, and many provinces will complete the dual control target within this year and continuously upgrade the control measures. Whether it is a large listed company or a small private company, it is difficult to escape the restriction of "power curtailment".

Guangdong: From September 22 to 26, 2021, stop industrial production at all times every day in line with electricity consumption!

Shandong: Coal supply is insufficient, and electricity curtailment measures are initiated.

Jiangsu: Forced to "have a holiday" for 20 days, power outage until October 8th!

Zhejiang:The chemical plant will be closed until September 30! Power outages for 20-30 days in the fourth quarter!

Anhui: Power shortfall of 2.5 million kilowatts.

Shanxi: Power restriction until the end of the year

Due to serious shortage of power supply, many chemicals are very short and prices have increased incredibly.

Organic silicon: Breaking through RMB60,000/T, is expected to break through


Yellow Phosphorus: Go straight to the RMB70,000/T mark!

Epichlorohydrin: a single-day increase of RMB300/T, a 43% increase in the month!

At present, many companies have issued discontinuation announcements.

The overall increase in the chemical market in September is dominated by policies such as power curtailment, environmental protection, and energy consumption control. It is expected that the overall increase in the chemical market will continue until the end of the year.

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